False Dragonhead Blooms






For the last month these blooms have been brightening up the flower bed directly in front of the house. We have at least two separate plants, one labeled Physostegia correllii and one labeled Physostegia digitalis corellii, but we believe they are both considered to be the Corell’s false dragonhead, which is a rare and endangered plant. I can’t remember where we bought them, maybe the SFA plant sale back in April, but they are in cultivation. The bloom stalks are extremely tall, in the 5-6′ range, though ours are now bent over and winding from rain storms and wind over the last month.

I’ve definitely noticed that bumblebees visit the blooms quite often and I’ve seen a few hummingbirds stop by for a sip of nectar. Slowly the blooms have faded up the stalk and I can only hope that the plants reseed an spread in the be next year. I love having them, they are almost as majestic as the foxglove that dotted the garden back in the spring.


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