39 Weeks | Nope, Not in Labor…Yet

I opted for a video this time around. There’s rambling and a four letter word towards the end. Just Google ‘Lightning Crotch’ and you too will throw out four letter words. Yesterday I had the two worst instances of it thus far and I swore the baby was ready to break through!

My 39 week appointment is today, preceded by another growth ultrasound. I’ll just predict the ultrasound and say, ‘Yes, he’s still giant’. Only a few days left in August so we still might have our September baby…who knows.

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5 thoughts on “39 Weeks | Nope, Not in Labor…Yet

  1. Cicily Pope says:

    Misty, you will be as great mom. I had never changed a diaper before I had my first. It just came natural. Your hospital should send a lactation nurse to your room after the baby to help and answer questions. I’ll be 1 of the few that has good nursing stories. I didn’t have any problems with it. Both mine latched fine and were very well fed fat babies. I used a receiving blanket for public nursing, or a sling. You got this!!

  2. Chris says:

    Misti, you’ll be fine! I had no problems nursing. Maybe a little at first until Aidan and I both got the hang of it, but honestly, no problems.
    Pumping is easy. I never nursed in public, so nothing to offer there!

    One funny thing…when Aidan started eating baby food, he loved carrots. Ate a lot of carrots. Too much, though, as he actually started to turn a little orange. I was freaked out until I knew what the problem was. Geesh! After that, he got carrots twice a week and that was it!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You had me at “lightning crotch.”

  4. Moosie says:


  5. Patrice says:

    I couldn’t watch the video (satellite Internet, no bandwidth), but I just caught up on your posts and I am sending some love your way!! I can only imagine what you are going through!!! Hang in there!!

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