September In The Garden

I ventured outside yesterday to walk around for a few minutes. The air was warm but with a tinge of autumn to it. I missed summer, y’all. I’m a little disappointed by that, missing the growing season and seeing the garden in its peak fullness. We still have a few months left before a frost and freeze, but a lot of plants will start their trend towards dying back for the season in the coming months. I’ve missed a lot of blooms over the last few weeks but I did snap a few shots of what I could find amongst the weeds, like the African blue basil above.

The brugs are still sky high and blooming. The sky behind that—that’s an autumn blue sky.


I’ve been pleased with the gingers in the ‘tropical’ section of the garden. They have thrived this summer and bloomed, like this butterfly ginger. It smells divine!

Cassia corymbosa

I need to harvest the roselle that has thrived on the side of the house.

The flowers from the roselle are beautiful, too.


It took all summer but the variegated brugs bloomed as well.


And of course there’s weeds all over the path!


I can’t wait to do some more gardening in the coming weeks as I recover from my c-section and get used to toting Forest around.

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3 thoughts on “September In The Garden

  1. Gayle says:

    Is the ginger from the ones I gave y’all? Glad to see you taking outdoor pics again.

  2. mlittle says:

    Yep, that’s what you gave us, Gayle.

  3. Moosie says:

    You have some amazing butterflies and birds down there!

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