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Food Adventures | Day 1 of Baby Led Weaning

A long time ago, oh about six months in the past, I thought this day was soooooo far out in the future that it would never get here. Well, here we are, Forest turns six months old on Tuesday and it’s about time to start this Baby Led Weaning thing. I’ve been reading for months and so my nerves have been mostly quelled, but I was still nervous. Last night I had Chris pick up some avocadoes and a sweet potato for us to delve into this food trying business with Forest. We began his food testing today at lunch with a few pieces of avocado.

The results:







I don’t think there was actually any food eaten, just some tasting with what was on his fingers. I believe he had more fun playing with his new food toy than anything! Overall it was a great experience!

For dinner Chris made baked sweet potato ‘fries’. That was a different experience because it actually ended up in his mouth.

The results:


Yes, it was definitely a “What on Earth is this stuff? I usually stick things in my mouth and they don’t taste like anything!”

Tomorrow we’re going to stick to one meal and one food and continue like that the rest of the week. It’ll be a learning experience for all three of us!

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