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Eightmile Lake | Wenatchee National Forest


On our third night of backpacking in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, we took a relatively flat hike over to Eightmile Lake. There were a few rolling areas but it was an easy hike after our climb up and down Aasgard Pass. It was also a very quiet hike. There were a few people camping on the far side of the lake but we never interacted with them, and we saw no one on our hike into the lake.


It might not have been alpine as the Enchantment Lakes were, but it wasn’t without a lot of grand scenery!


There was a very cool old dam near the end of the lake we stayed at and I poked around there for awhile taking photos.



Down the stream bed I went, poking around some more. Following old stream beds is something I really love to do when given the chance.


I’m a fan of mini-ecosystems and the PacNW is chock-full of them! Moss on trees, lichens on trees, fungi on trees….


It’s enough to warrant a selfie with old trees and their mini-ecosystems.


I’m also a fan of the quiet black and white portrait of seemingly simple things. It makes one wonder just how long something has sat in its position in the world.









I wish we could have explore more of this national forest but I don’t think we’ll be back up there anytime soon. Poking around and seeing a habitat that we’re not familiar with was awesome and I loved that we didn’t just have miles to make, that we had time to rest and enjoy the scenery.

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