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5 Years Ago | Starting the Florida Trail


It probably helps that Chris and I went to Florida two years ago, when I was just transitioning from my first trimester to the second, but it certainly doesn’t feel as if it has been five years since we left Loop Road and hiked through Florida. It doesn’t seem like nearly six years ago since we moved out of the state.

You know those bumper stickers that you see in Texas sometimes that say, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could”? Well, that would be me for Florida. And if it weren’t for family we’d probably still be there.

The Florida Trail is deeply ingrained into my brain. So is the Appalachian Trail, but I tend to shunt that to the back of my mind often because it was such a special experience that sometimes it just makes me sad to think about not being able to be near that trail. But, the Florida Trail, I think about it a lot because, well, I just keep a tabs on Florida as a whole. It’s such a special and unique state, and it doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being an outdoor playground. The Florida Trail especially.

I’ve spent some time recently editing my book. Yeah, I know, it’s taken me long enough. I’m getting there, though, and have actually made it clear through to Apalachichola National Forest! Still not sure or even have high hopes that it’ll be published. Either way I’ll be PDFing it for myself and maybe figuring out a way to get it printed for us. I have not come up with a catchy title yet. Maybe I’ll call it It’s Not All Wet! *snort*

In case you started reading here well after we hiked the Florida Trail you can catch up on posts here and or if you want to plan a hike How to Thru-Hike the Florida Trail or maybe Reconsidering the Florida Trail as a Valuable Long Trail…and there was also That Time I Was On A Podcast.

We’ve only thru-hiked two long distance trails but I’d most definitely hike them both again! And for the record, Loop Road will always be the southern terminus in my heart…starting at the Oasis Visitors Center in Big Cypress NP just isn’t the same. Driving down Loop Road is such a treat and worth the bumpy ride!

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  • Patrice

    I’ve been wanting to ask how the book is going, but I didn’t want to pressure you. BTW, I don’t think I’ve told you about my book plans!!! I’ll have to fill you in!!

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