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Friday Five | 2

Oof! We went camping last weekend and mid-week I was thinking, man, I never remember it always takes me a week to adjust to my usual schedule and feel back in the swing of things after a bit of time away. And then, of course, late Tuesday I started feeling iffy with a sore throat that turned into feeling like someone had roughed up my throat with a Brillo pad on Wednesday. Wednesday evening I was not feeling like doing anything and debated if this was going to be the flu, strep throat, or tonsillitis. When I woke up yesterday I knew better than to go into work and decided I was leaning towards strep throat so I went to the urgent care clinic after taking Forest to daycare. I was there when they opened and was seen quickly. I gave my symptoms and got a swab of my throat for a strep test. The strep test came back negative but the doctor looked in my throat and was thoroughly half amused and grossed out I think. He asked if I’d looked at my throat in the mirror, to which I answered that I hadn’t. Apparently it was full of pus pockets! Yum! He said it could still be strep but might be another bacterial infection and gave me the option of a fast acting shot antibiotic or the usual pill form. I chose the shot and dang that hurt! I didn’t want to get anyone sick since I was still considered to be contagious so here I am at home again. This time I’ll be trying to get some work done throughout the day while cuddling up with a blanket.

Despite all of that, I think I can manage 5 things to share today!

  1. My friend Eliana sent me a wonderful box packed full of neat things she brought back from her recent trip to her homeland of Colombia. It’s always fun to get random boxes from her. I only wish I traveled places that I could send things to her, too!
  2. Cuddling up with Leo over the last few days. He’s gotten the shaft a lot since Forest has been around so it is nice to spend some quality cat time with him.
  3. Devouring two Diana Gabaldon Outlander novellas in the last week or so. A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows and The Space Between were fantastic and just left me wanting more gaps filled. Actually, if I hadn’t read these books I would have been just fine with how the current series has ended up until the last book, but these novellas have me questioning some things. Gah, so good!
  4. What Should I Read Next podcast from Modern Mrs. Darcy, aka: Anne Bogel. I’m liking it so far but hope that the repetitive book recommendations and favorites don’t continue. Nothing worse than everyone’s favorite books being ones released in the last year (or an Austen book!). I hope she diversifies her guests!
  5. Forest has been wanting to eat out of bowls lately. He’s actually eating a little more by doing that. I hadn’t figured out that they were doing this at daycare until recently. It’s fun seeing him growing up a little bit each month!

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