Friday Five,  Memes

Friday Five | 3

Another fast week!

  1. Childless Man Gets a C-Section: a podcast via The Longest Shortest Time. While the title suggests it is all about a man understanding a c-section, really the episode is about c-sections in general. I may have cried while listening.
  2. Monica Lewinsky: The Price of Shame: I was in college when the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was going on and while I had an ear slightly turned to it all, I didn’t pay that much attention. However, I did really find her talk eloquent and very appropriate for today’s internet society. I’ve definitely found that internet shaming has seeped into real life with people finding it easier to lose empathy and common decency because of this complacency on the internet.
  3. Champagne on the Rocks: A podcast from Outside/In, a NH Public Radio broadcast. This one is about Scott Jurek’s now infamous Champagne Gate finish of the Appalachian Trail last summer in Baxter State Park. Great listen! There are some other great episodes on that podcast that are very nature focused.
  4. Strong ass antibiotics. Remember I was sick with something strep-like last week? I got a shot that was supposed to be the be-all-and-end-all…well, it wasn’t. While I felt somewhat better over the weekend, the sharp sore throat that was feeling slightly better began to get worse again. Back to the urgent care I went…this time a different one. A Z-pack prescription later, I was feeling better overnight. Yay for antibiotics!
  5. Nice weather on the horizon for the next 10ish days??? Sounds good to me!

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  • Patrice

    We listened to the Scott Jurek interview today on your suggestion!! It was great!! We may check out more from that on. Thanks for suggesting it!! (Will e-mail you back soon!)

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