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Famous Trees of Texas | The Goose Island Oak (Tree 171)


Our first stop on our vacation trip was to the ‘Big Tree’ at Goose Island State Park to get one of the Famous Trees of Texas. You may recall last year we stopped in Rockport to nab one but didn’t stop and grab this one. I had sights on getting another tree in Corpus Christi while we were on this trip but we never made it up to get it.


We’d just missed a rainstorm when we arrived at the tree and thankfully it was overcast so it wasn’t too hot but the mosquitoes were out. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve hung out with that many mosquitoes—it was pretty awful. I ducked into the woods to use a tree and it reminded me of some of the worst times I had to do that in Florida. Needless to say we didn’t hang around the tree too long.





  • Sarah

    This is so neat! We have a really cool drawing of the Urrea Oaks that we bought several years ago at the Bayou City Art Fest. They’re right in the middle of Highway 77 in Refugio and we drive past them every time we go to Corpus Christi but have never stopped. Next time I think we will!

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