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Things I’ve Crocheted Recently


I’ve been doing some crocheting over the last few months as it is my go-to dark season activity. Plus, right now it seems to be the easiest way to express some creativity instead of spending hours over in my studio. I guess I’ll take what I can get!


My most recent completed piece is this wall hanging! It only became a wall hanging in my head about two days ago but before that it was going to be a cowl and then before that, a scarf. I was making it too wide to be a scarf so I switched to a cowl but then thought that I really didn’t need another cowl and remembered I could do some wall hanging like the the weaving hangings I’ve been seeing over the last few years. Sure enough there are some really cool crochet wall hangings and I thought I’d give it a spin. I think I have a new love!



I did make a cowl recently—but it would have looked good as a hanging, too.


And I did make another Movie Night Cocoon Cardi like the one I made last year only this one is for my mom.

Currently I’m working on a Christmas wall hanging (because now I have all sorts of ideas) and a crochet rug for my studio. The rug is kind of on the back burner at the moment.

What are you creating?


  • Lisa Valinsky

    I love your wall hanging! Such a good way to make use of a piece.

    I’ve take up some embroidery lately, and have been stitching simple flower patterns to make a little cloth napkin for our kiddo. Over Thanksgiving I’m planning to start some knitting again too, maybe a cowl or a small blanket.

  • chel

    OMG- those wall hangings are GENIUS. Wow! When I saw those, my crochetmind just went crazy with possibilities!

    I stopped crocheting about a year and a half ago (I think?) because I ran out of things to make- I really only like to crochet super simple things because I want to keep it a relaxing thing and anything with a pattern made me hate it. But after I made about 100 blankets for our house and everyone in our family and scarves for everyone (scarves- in Florida?!) I ran out of stuff to make. The hangings are GENIUS- they are a simple rectangle, but I can play around with funky yarn and crazy colors and different stitches on the same project and just go crazy with them!

    Wow- so cool!

  • Shey

    Oh wow, great job! Crocheting is most definitely one of my favorite Winter hobbies curled up infant of our “fake fire” and sipping on some tea. You my dear are totally awesome!!!!!

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