A Taste of Summer

We’ve reached the time of year where any time you step outside for less than 5 minutes sweat will bead and roll down your body. For me, it’s simultaneously too much and glorious. I’ve always been a heat loving person but there are definitely times when the heat gets me down and a headache comes on from the oppression of it all. But if I spend most of the day out there I will typically acclimate and be set for the day and plan to just stink to high heaven by the end of it all.

I walked around the garden a few days ago and took a bunch of photos. I meant to write about what May’s garden looked like and while I still have some photos that I took I just haven’t managed to share them. Maybe there will be a look back at the spring garden sometime this summer. For now, here’s a taste of the early summer garden. I took far more photos than these but you will have to wait a few weeks as our vacation looms and other things take precedence at the moment.

Gorgeous evening light in the side garden with the golden lotus bananas and agastache.

‘May Night’ salvia finally blooming after a rough couple of years. I thought this plant was on its way out but it is now thriving again.

Tropical milkweed. It’s been a rough spring on the milkweed as the milkweed beetles having been gorging themselves. Hopefully it recovers for the monarchs to return.


Zinnias–finally! The only reason why: because they are behind the fence! Don’t you bet the deer have been sticking their noses through to nip the ones they can reach.

Sunchoke flowers! (or sunflowers…because that’s what they are!)

Tomatoes! Finally enjoying a few of them!

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  • Patrice La Vigne

    I used to think I was a heat lover. I mean I hate being cold. But it’s been so hot in New Mexico. The reality is that it’s only in the 80s with no humidity!! So I realize that’s not even hot! Yet I still feel battered by it.

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