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Raptor Leftovers





Every now and then a hike gets you a glimpse of something wild and interesting. In some areas maybe you get to encounter a large mammal—a bear, maybe a panther or bobcat. Sometimes you just get really cool animal interactions like the time we watched a bald eagle steal a fish from an osprey on the last day of our Florida Trail thru-hike.

Occasionally you come across the weirder but still interesting animal presence such as this dead opossum we found on a hike at Huntsville State Park over the weekend. Since we travel at a 5.5 year old’s pace these days we had been stopping and slowing down, and then speeding up, and looking up and then looking down—and it just so happened we’d paused for a few moments and looked up at this dead tree with a limb hanging across the path and found the leftovers from a raptor’s dinner the previous night. Poor thing didn’t know what was coming when it went out to scavenge!

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  • shoreacres

    OK, I’ll confess I never would have guessed “possum carcass” as your bit of weirdness! It is fascinating to find evidence of the little dramas that are playing out around us all the time. If we can’t see the action, at least we get to speculate on it.

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