Appalachian Trail 2010

A Decade Ago – Our Springer-aversary!

AT Approach Trail Start

Springer Mt. - AT

Misti with Springer Mt. Register

1st Blaze on the AT

As this date started approaching I wondered how I was going to be able to write anything about it. And I find myself sitting here unable to really figure out what to say. Time flies. I miss the ability to be able to get up and do this sort of thing and yet my brain could definitely not focus on a thru-hike right now. I think I’ll come back here in a few weeks or later this year when our Katahdin anniversary comes up and see if I can write anything more. But I just wanted to commemorate this day by posting here. I love you, Appalachian Trail!


  • Patrice La Vigne

    We absolutely hope to fit another long-distance hike into our lives, somewhere, somehow. But I’m actually terrified about how I’d do it. I mean, I know I fall right into the pattern of wake, eat, hike, eat, sleep easily, but it’s the logistics and planning that gives me pause. It’s been so long since our last hike and it feels like so much has changed!!!

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