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Texas Spring










If there’s one thing we can count in in spring here in Texas it is that the bluebonnets and paintbrushes will continue to rise out of the soil and bloom. The sandyland bluebonnets (Lupinus subcarnosus) were the species blooming on our trip over to Lake Somerville State Park last weekend. Only a few paintbrushes (Castilleja indivisa) were seen but there were plenty of other wildflowers to gaze upon. We did find these wonderful patches of bluebonnets nearly 2 miles down the trail in an open field as it sloped towards Nails Creek.

This weekend is rainy and cooler and so we’re not leaving the house to explore much. I suspect we’ll look for quieter places to get out and on the trails here over the next few weekends and stay away from busier city parks. I need more early spring wildflowers before they transition to other seasonal wildflowers!

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