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Forest’s Rainbow Afghan





Saturday evening I finally finished Forest’s rainbow afghan that he requested last fall. His original request was for a rainbow blanket with red and blue on the ends. My original thought was to use the yarn I already had but then thinking about having to switch yarn every couple of rows didn’t sound appealing. Forest and I ended up finding and agreeing on the self striping Lion Brand Mandala Yarn in Gnome, Cupid, and Spirit colorways. And I LOVE IT! Honestly, I want it for myself which means I’m going to borrow it as much as possible! Hah!

I started on it sometime last November but royally screwed up the blanket by slowly creating a decrease on each row until I woke up and realized what I was doing. That meant unraveling it all! After I got my act together in mid-December I’ve been working on it on and off, more steadily this last month. I had hoped to finish a few weeks ago but it wasn’t until last week that I figured I could buckle down and get it done by Easter, and I did!

Phew…now I can move on to a pattern for a top that I bought yarn for last fall and work on that, but for now I’m going to decompress with some reading!


  • shoreacres

    It’s beautiful — and so’s the kitty! The afghan reminds me of one a friend did. She calls them her temperature afghans, and she does one each year. She assigns a color for various temperature ranges (30-35F, 55-60F, and so on) and each week she calculates the average temperature for the past week and knits a section in that color. She’s done it for several years, and it’s fascinating to see how one year’s afghan differs from the others. You sure can spot the cold snaps and the interminable summer heat!

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