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Halloween Pennants | Celithemis eponina






Halloween pennant dragonflies were a mainstay to my experience living in south Florida. They are very common and easy to spot, quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Kind of like red-winged blackbirds as they were similarly abundant in the Everglades. And then we moved and while both of those species are here in Texas, I don’t happen to live near their preferred habitat. While I do live near a pond and have plenty of dragonflies around here my most common species here are common whitetail and green darner dragonflies among some others. No Halloween pennants to grace my yard!

This lovely male (see here for comparisons on sexes) was found at San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge a few weekends ago near some impounded marshes on the western side of the refuge. While Forest and Chris made a beeline for the boardwalk overlook I was sidelined along the side of the marsh taking photos of the dragonfly! I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get a few snaps in when I so rarely, if ever, see them.


  • shoreacres

    I love these – partly because they are easy to recognize, and I always feel a little smug when I can identify a dragonfly. I used to see a lot of them on the Nash and Armand Bayou prairies. I suspect they’re still there, if only I could get there to see them. (Now, with Armand open again, I may have a chance.)

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