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Back to the Pitcher Plant Trail

Let’s pretend this isn’t a dusty post languishing in my drafts folder since last summer! I wanted to post it a few months ago but lacked the interest in getting it out. And seeing as I took these photos in June 2020 and a new June is rapidly approaching I figured I might as well get this one up. And I am itching to get back to the Big Thicket soon, too.

I am leaning towards this being a Carolina satyr Hermeuptychia sosybius however Intricate Satyrs are very similar and this one has that look like it is just slightly different and could be an Intricate.

Going through my iNaturalist recordings to jog my memory, I noted this one as being Amanda’s Pennant, Celithemis amanda with the caveat I would come back to make sure. Did I ever go back? Nope. But I think the ID is correct.

Triantha racemosa, coastal false asphodel. Localized to this area of Texas but more common along the Florida panhandle into coastal Alabama and Mississippi, with some sporadic hits around the coastal Carolinas.

OMG, I want to go back.






Rhynchospora latifolia, sandswamp whitetop sedge. I would love to get some of this established in our ditches and pond shoreline or especially in our low spots in the front yard. I saw R. colorata in a ROW swale last year in the neighborhood and almost stopped on my bike to rip some out of the ground. I should have because it was mowed the next time I went.

Pine-woods rose gentian, Sabatia gentianoides


Really, just screaming with desire to get out there now! *drools*

Oh yeah, my little lovely yellow meadowbeauty, Rhexia lutea

Wild potato vine, Ipomoea pandurata

And one of the red-headed woodpeckers we saw on the way out of the trail.

Yes, must get back to the Thicket very soon.

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  • shoreacres

    I’ve been thinking about the Thicket, and suddenly realized that time’s a-passing. I want to get over there, too. All my lollygagging in bluebonnet country was fun, but… there’s more to life than the hill country! It was fun to see these photos. The coastal false asphodel reminded me of something, but I can’t find my photos offhand and can’t remember the name. Let me make another run at it…

    Got it! Greenlily, or Texas feathershank. Phew. Now I don’t have to fuss over that all day.

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