Sunday Evening at 8:33pm

+Minecraft—on Forest’s mind continuously.
+The Garden Beds—three installed so far! Back aching work and I’ll be glad when they are done.
+Constantly thinking about native plants and propagating seeds to expand the native plant palate in the yard.
+Feeling the tug to read fiction again after a very heavy year of non-fiction.
+Wanting to write and having so many ideas that I don’t know where to start, so list writing on a blog post is how I’m going to start.
+Re: writing—I want to write books. Have little time to get that done.
+In the meantime I’ve been pouring my creative energy into art. My weekly nature journaling has been a delight.
+How did I ever keep up with the amount of blog posting I used to do? I know I just did it but…still. How?

And so, this is what I’m going to do to kickstart the writing habit again.

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  • shoreacres

    There’s a lot of kickstarting going on. Whatever the reason — and the reasons seem to vary considerably — I’m seeing a lot of online musing about how to get going again. I suspect it’s a combination of being isolated and being encouraged to think only and always about a certain disease. Thank goodness that’s mostly disappeared from my life. Last weekend, I was at a couple of events with not a mask in sight. Even more interesting, I realized after I was home and thinking about it that the words ‘covid’ and ‘pandemic’ never were uttered. That left room for a whole lot of more stimulating conversation!

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