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September 2021 Rewind

We kicked off September with Forest’s birthday. He’s at such a fun age right now where his imagination is running wild and he’s still in a silly little kid phase. I love it!

Earlier in the month I found two Passiflora incarnata fruit around the corner from the house. I sowed seeds of one of them and ate the other in some yogurt and ever since I ate the one I’ve been on the prowl for more. None yet!

I *think* this is Dusty—but honestly, sometimes their profiles will confuse me. But both of them are cuddly cats these days!

We had our first taste of fall and of course a week later the humidity is back. The heat isn’t nearly as high as it was earlier in the month but it certainly isn’t that crisp, low-humidity weather had a taste of. I’m remembering last year we had a freeze in mid-October but somehow I see that as unlikely this year.

One evening we were at the park by the house and Chris noticed some bladderwort growing along the shoreline in the water he hadn’t seen before. I went back one evening to take photos and then noticed this fimbristylis growing in with the grass. I *think* it is Southern Fimbry, Fimbristylis decipiens, but don’t hold me to it!

Evenings have been especially lovely around the garden, however the earlier sunsets are creeping in and now you have to head outside directly after dinner to enjoy any time out there.

I listened to a lot of nature journaling podcasts this summer and I decided to start a perpetual nature journal. That means I draw something relevant from nature of the garden once a week and repeat it on that same page for several years until the pages are full. I obviously started with a Sun-Sat time frame that is for this year but these dates will slide as the years change. If I can maintain it, it will be great to look back on when I’m done!

*This kid!*

(yeah, I know it’s slanted, I was shooting randomly from my lap!)

Miles the feral who was really someone’s inside pet and still knows this and thus acts like it, and Chris out on the dock one evening. Miles has jumped up in the hammock with me. That cat knows what a bed is and would love to have another one.

Milkweed seedlings emerging from the soil. I should have started them in the summer but I left them languishing in the fridge for a few months longer than intended. They are now thinned and in their own pots, putting down roots and hopefully ready to transplant sometime next spring.

Dressed up for a night out a week ago—I met some friends in the Heights for dinner and drinks to celebrate my friend Meghan’s 40th birthday!


And amazingly, we actually started the concrete beds in the edible garden! I think we should be able to get two more beds done in October. We took off one small side of the frame earlier this week to check it out and it looks fabulous!

A busy and quite different kind of month! We closed out yesterday with Chris’ 42nd birthday!

Happy October!

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