The Last Day of Summer

Formosa lilly with love bugs

Blackberry lilies

Hyacinth bean pod

Ruby prowling in the garden

On this last day of summer, the light was nearly perfect in the afternoon. Morning started off cloudy and grey, a bit of mist here and there. We only received a little over an inch of rain throughout all of the storms that came through with our first cool front of the season. Other areas received 4+ inches, something I was hoping for to fill our pond back up. Instead the pond is still muddy in a few areas, though I know all of the vegetation was excited for a heavy drink of water. Chris and I did errands most of the day, stopping at plant nurseries and the farmers market. My usual place for getting eggs was already out—we were late in getting there—but by chance someone was walking by, man clad in cowboy jeans and a denim shirt, who said he had eggs. Expecting that he was a vendor it turned out he was actually in town to deliver eggs to some friends and other customers and decided to see what the farmers market had. We met his wife and chatted with them for a bit. They live further out into the country and have, I think they said 200, free ranging chickens. A bursting hobby, they started selling eggs to friends and a restaurant in town. We gave them $4 for 18 eggs and I thought that was a fair deal for free range eggs. We left with their phone number to call when we needed more to schedule a pick up. It would be cool to go out and see their farm sometime.

And then of course we bought plants at the nurseries and then came home to sunny skies beaming through the pine trees. Crows made a ruckus in the skies around us, with hummingbirds zipping around from feeder to feeder, their wings beating furiously as they sped over our heads. I know some people are superstitious about crows, but I love them. They, along with barred owls and red shouldered hawks, are my favorite birds to hear in the southern forests.

Tomorrow is fall!!

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