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Hibernation Mode

Pasture Heliotrope, Euploca tenella
Pasture Heliotrope, Euploca tenella

I have entered hibernation mode as we switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. One thing I do relish about this switch, at least for the first two months or so, is that after dinner there is time to do nothing and everything. I don’t feel the need to have to go outside because it’s still sunny out. I can become a cozy hobbit and mindlessly move from one thing to the next and then ponder that it is really too late while looking at the clock and being dismayed it is only 6:30pm. *sigh* (Patrice, in Alaska, is laughing at me now!)

I haven’t exactly been doing nothing since I abandoned NanoWriMo. But I also haven’t been editing like I wanted. And I’m not caring about that. I’m working on other projects and lettings others slide. All this despite thinking about writing daily. I’m also brewing up a biography in my head and like, it sounds nice and awesome but I don’t have time for that right now. The ideas keep piling up!

I would write about my garden but it doesn’t look great right now either. And I did get my new laptop back from HP/the contractors who fixed it, I just haven’t gotten around to putting Photoshop on it so I haven’t been editing photos. And the list goes on.

Current Delights:
+Cuddling with Rusty and Dusty in the evening now that it is chilly.
+Hot chocolate to drink in the mornings.
+Christmas movies…I don’t typically binge cheesy Christmas movies but I feel like starting that this year. So far I’ve watched the new Lindsay Lohan movie, Falling For Christmas, which was so-so (I think Lindsay can probably reboot her career into these types of movies) and last year’s A Castle for Christmas with Brooke Shields and a really hot Cary Elwes. Boy, did he age well! Definitely recommend the latter, and if you have nothing else to watch while lounging in the evening, go ahead and watch the first one, too.

Hope all is well out there in blog land! I’ll probably be quiet here for a few more weeks, maybe into the New Year, as the holiday season gets underway. Happy (early) Thanksgiving to the US folks!


  • shoreacres

    I’d better get myself in gear if I’m going to get a post up for the first Sunday of Advent. I just realized that it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Of course, I just came to consciousness and realized this week there is a reason people are saying “Happy Thanksgiving.” It’s time to dig out my copy of “A Christmas Story” and get cracking.

  • Yeah, Another Blogger

    Hi Misti. I find it a bit unnerving that it gets dark outside now at around 4:50 PM where I live (i.e. in eastern Pennsylvania). And the shortest day of the year is still a month off.

  • Patrice La Vigne

    Getting caught up!! Yes, the shorter days are more drastic in AK, but I don’t downplay that it happens everywhere and affects everyone. Less than 3 weeks until solstice!!

    Also, my mom watches A LOT of TV, and Saturday is her hallmark movie day. So I have been really into cheesy Christmas movies lately!!!

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