Goodbye NanoWriMo, Hello NanoEdMo

Four days into NanoWriMo and I think I’m going to call it.


I realized I have a plot issue. The plot where I left off last year doesn’t work in my brain this year. And try as I may, I can’t get it to work. Typing words is difficult and I find myself stumbling. But I came up with an alternative plot this afternoon that works better. However, I’m going to have to edit the first half of the book before I get back to writing so that I can get into the groove of the book again. *phew* So, no winning for me this year. But coming to terms with it early and accepting the fate that it wasn’t going to happen is going to make the rest of the month a lot easier to deal with in my mind.

I have been editing some of the book already and have been enjoying getting to know the characters again. Reading it with fresh eyes and filling in some of the gaps along the way will help with the back half of the book. And of course, NanoWriMo isn’t the only time to write a book, it just helps to have some dedicated time to knowing what you will be focusing on creatively.

Onward to editing!

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  • Patrice La Vigne

    Glad you came to terms with calling it. It’s fruitless to force words on pages if they don’t add up. I love the idea you detailed in your last post, but it doesn’t have to unfold during this month. Keep on writing and scheming plot ideas/rework!

    Also, I agree with your last post about post-trail blues. I do hope we can pull off another long hike at some point, but with no immediate plans, I get sucked into the memories.

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