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1. Here I Am – December Reflections 2022

Way back in 2016 I completed a December blogging challenge called A Month of Faves. It was a great set of prompts to keep me writing here. Recently Susannah Conway posted on her Substack a December Reflections prompt for her Substack chat. I’ve decided to turn it into a blogging challenge instead. A much more approachable one than what I attempted a few months ago. So, maybe I’m not going to hibernate this month!

I admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw this prompt was the Dolly Parton song “Here I Am” from the movie Dumplin’.

It’s a great movie if you haven’t watched it!

Thanksgiving 2022

So, here I am!

At 42 and not quite half, I’m settling into middle-age, which frankly still baffles me. My brain, when it isn’t foggy, thinks I’m in my late 20s or early 30s still. My body reminds me all the time that I’m not. I’m still learning a lot and sometimes get into that panicky mode where I realize I don’t have as much time to learn all-the-things as I once thought I did. Time moves too fast after 35.

This is me, still obsessed with the ocean but I may be plucking a few more chin hairs these days then I was at 13 when I dreamed of becoming an oceanographer!


  • Judy Bass

    I have quite a few years on you and talk about panic. I spend time now reviewing my life and the things I’ve done, wondering how I got it all in. Life does slow down, but you have a ways to go. PS I was chasing a two-year-old at your age.

  • Yeah, Another Blogger

    Hi Misti. I’m WAY older than you. And I think of myself as being 25 or more years younger than I am. I wish I was that age! Neil S.

  • shoreacres

    Well into my seventies, I never think about age, and I think increasingly less about all those things I’ve wanted to do and now realize I never will: for a variety of reasons. That said, the days are full, and I’ve no desire to go back. Well, being twenty again would be ok if I could be as smart as I am now, but if I had to live through all those tumultuous years again? No way!

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