Hi there! I’ve been super busy and now that I’ve started a temporary job I will be working 10+ hour days for the next whenever. Yep, whenever. We were told 10 on, 4 off, but apparently that isn’t quite the way it works. Some people have been working three weeks on, a week off, some […]

The Ocean

Yesterday Zoe got to play in her pool, she is such a water baby. While jumping up and down to give me some big splashes she tells me that she’s swimming in the ocean. The girl has imagination! She’s swimming in a teeny tiny kids pool and think she’s in the ocean! And I started […]

Growing Up

Mom and I took Zoe to the park yesterday morning so she could feed the ducks and to play at the playground. The Fall air is so glorious that I wanted to be outside in it. Zoe is certainly growing up and she’s so fun to be around, unless she’s throwing a fit for some […]

A Few more of the Zoester

It’s funny, only a few weeks later and she’s already changing. Mom and I were remarking her face is changing again and her attitude is different. She’s also happier to go to her little girl potty for a tinkle than she used to be. My brother was cooking up lunch or something when I was […]

Budding Photographer

Zoe loves cameras and I think someone in the family was planning on getting her a children’s digital camera for Christmas. The next set was very fun to shoot because it all happened in a short period of time. The final shot is one of her bawling but it came out blurry because she moved […]

The Apple Juice Belly

A story by Zoe: One day I was at a park with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt T and Uncle Twis. We had all sorts of fun and I was minding my business drinking out of my sippy cup and apparently I left my belly hanging out. Then my Mommy told me to stop looking like a […]