Birthday Blooms for Mom

Craig at Ellis Hollow always has beautiful flower scans and I’ve been wanting to try it for years. I finally got around to it. After scanning twice and realizing I needed to clean the glass on the scanner, I finally got one! This could be a new addiction! It’s my mom’s birthday and the flowers […]

June in the Garden

I had to go home a few weeks ago for an interview so I snagged a few photos of my parent’s backyard while I was at it. The tomatoes were doing great and had a ‘doh’ moment and forgot to take any back with me to Beaumont. Anyway here’s a mini-tour. Hoping some are still […]

Growing | Flowers

Here’s some eye candy, full of colors, of what was blooming two weeks ago in my parents’ yard. Verbena on the left and two kinds of spiderwort, Tridescantia, on the right. The amaryllis blooms were on their way out, but a few lingered. Clockwise: Oxalis, snapdragons, good question with a fly, phlox. Nicotiana, honeysuckle, columbine. […]

Edible in the garden

Since planting a lot of the vegetables in early March (mom planted some in February, too) here’s a follow-up on how things are going. Right now the garden in the backyard is great but at the plot—not so much! We’re not sure what the culprit is, too many coffee grounds, too much water, who knows, […]

Gayle’s Roses

My mother in law has beautiful roses and they are always blooming like crazy. She has some in the ground in the back yard but she also has these gigantic tubs of them in her driveway. One side of her driveway is lined in roses and the other in tomatoes. It’s a pretty neat way […]

Beaumont Botanical Gardens

On our Sunday off a week ago in Beaumont we took a trip to a few botanic gardens. One of them is a free to the public garden, the Beaumont Botanic Garden. We arrived too early to see the conservatory but we did a tour of the garden. I think the rose garden was the […]

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