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    Good Things on a Sunday Morning *Monday Edition* | 3

    Hello! My head hasn’t been in the right space to be spending much time here so here’s a post to get me back into the groove again! I have been very engrossed in working to save Fairfield Lake State Park, something I wrote about here a few months ago. Things have really hit the fan in the last month after TPWD voted to use eminent domain to save the state park. The developer, who took ownership of the park, lake and adjacent properties on June 1st, has since gone on a whirlwind PR tour in Freestone county to sway local opinion. There was a last minute PR dog and pony…

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    Good Things on Sunday Morning | 2

    I was in a nature funk the last three or four weeks but it seems to be lifting. *phew* Most definitely a good thing! Some good things from this week: Notes from Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter: I read Spare (listened) a few months ago and really enjoyed it, though I didn’t particularly like the short chapter lengths. This was an interesting inside into life as a celebrity memoir ghostwriter. I know only a little about ghostwriting from a cousin who has ghostwritten romance novels in the last decade so it was interesting to see this perspective from a high profile ghostwriter. I can get the perspective of someone ghostwriting something such…

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    Good Things on Sunday Morning | 1

    I had intended to write this out this morning but alas, I slept in and the rest of the day was a mix of busy and lazy. I used to do Silent Sunday’s around here but have stopped in recent years. I feel like doing something weekly so let’s make it Good Things on Sunday Morning (or evening!). A few things from this week: Charade is my Favorite Movie via Summer Brennan. This is probably the best thing I’ve read in a long time on the internet! It was utterly delightful and any Audrey Hepburn fan will love it! I can’t recall when I first watched Charade but I think…