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I’ve been wanting to take pictures of someone other than my niece for a long time. Not that anything is wrong with taking her photos, but I need to practice on someone else! My opportunity was with one of my bff’s, Michelle and her daughter Kylen. Today I finally got my chance and even though I was not taking money or was it even a ‘professional’ gig, I was nervous as hell as totally screwing up. For one, I don’t have kids. I have no idea how to entertain them very much and two year olds certainly have the audacity to be bored and uninterested one minute and screaming the next. Luckily Michelle stepped in and guided Kylen along and gave me some very important ideas along the way. I certainly have a long way to go before I can even call myself professional with portraits, but I am learning and having a lot of fun! I do know that I am trying to make my own style. I am not fond of some of the styles I see online, styles I see repeated over and over again.

Here are my favorites:










This last one reminds me of the Andrew Wyeth painting ‘Christina’s World’.

My next opportunity is with The Whitlock’s, aka: my brother, SIL and the Zoester. This time we’ll update the ones I did back in March of ’08 which was my first real time doing portraits. After that, who knows! I’m kinda shy about getting people I know to come out, mostly because I’m afraid I’ll look like an idiot. I really just want to practice and then maybe start taking money for it. Who knows…just having fun for now!


  • chelle

    girl, don’t be nervous! you have to get out there….. just try things. and I don’t mind helping guide you 🙂 it was SO fun!!! and in cooler weather we can just take photo after photo…!!!

    I would like to give you tons of kudos and am almost teary eyed at this thought my dearest bff. For sticking to your guns on your style. Not all photographers are alike, that is why there are so many out there and it is their each individual ‘eye’ that makes them unique. The fact that you don’t “edit” like the others. or see the shots like the others…. or choose the same favorites as the next photographer. THAT is what makes you THE Misti Little. I love your photos of my daughter. I love the pictures that you took, it was fun to be out there with you, and I would have had a wonderful time even if you weren’t my best friend…

    Stay true to yourself. NEVER lose that and you will do great. you can lose the nerves, you are amazing and don’t have any reason to keep those around 😉

    If you wonder…borrow Zoe, call up a random someone in the phonebook and ask for an outdoor photo session with your niece as a surprise for your bro and SIL. let them pick the location, and see how THEY are with her. maybe it will set you at ease and give you some pointers.

    OOh OR just go with friends and family when they go have profesh portraits done. sit on the sidelines and watch. 🙂

    anyway, i love you and you are amazing in so many ways. *hugs* and i LOVED the coffee shop photos! -beautiful!

  • Chris

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw that last picture! You have a different eye for things…keep it up! I love looking at all of your pictures, but I especially like the ones of Zoe and Kylen… kids are so fun to photograph – challenging, but fun, and no matter what, all of the pictures are good in one way or another. Capturing the funny faces, moods, etc…it’s great! I can only imagine the TONS of pictures that will be taken when you and Chris finally have one of your own 🙂

  • Robin

    These pictures are great!!! I was really nervous taking pictures of my cousin’s daughter, so I know exactly how you felt! You just have to let the little ones do their thing. Those end up being the best photos! Or at least that’s what I’ve come to realize. 😉 I love your style, it’s very refreshing and different! 🙂

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