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Looking for Guinea Pigs!

Now that I am finally getting back into ‘normal life’ again we are ready to start doing more with our photography and Wildscape Photo. That means that we are available to take fine art photography orders, talk to people interested in stock photography and also to start scheduling portrait sessions!

There are some business aspects we are still working on but plan to have done soon, like fully registering as a business, getting a tax id number and all the other little legal paper aspects associated with having a business. I’m sure we will be small for awhile, but wouldn’t it be grand if we could make a living taking photos? Ah, isn’t that every person’s dream with a favorite hobby?

Since I still have quite a bit of free time until a job comes along, I want to make photography my job for the meantime. There will be introductory offers for the portrait side of things since I am building my portfolio, too.

For now, why don’t you meet my ‘sister-in-law’ Mitzi. She’s Chris’ mom and step-dad’s dog, one of two and she’s a sweet little thing.




This one of my favorite.

I am planning on taking them somewhere tomorrow to get some more shots of them together so look for those later this week! Yes, I’m interested in pet photography too!

Send us an email if you are interested! oceanicwilderness at gmail dot com!

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  • Stacey

    Congratulations on taking the leap into the business world! Believe that you will make a great living with your photography, and you will! Have fun every step of the way!

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