Baloo | A Pencil Drawing

Whenever I think of myself as an artist I usually feel like a fraud. The simple fact is that this is the first thing I’ve drawn in a year. The last thing I drew was a sunflower for my sister in law and the month before that a hollyhock pastel.

The drawing of this sweet doggie is titled Baloo after the man himself. If you’ve only been reading in the last two years and haven’t followed during my life in Florida, then you wouldn’t know that Chris and I dog-sat this fella for nearly a year and a half with many other fun stays along the way. We became his other parents and would have loved to have kept him but he needed his real momma back. But, he was a joy to have and had the most deliciously biteable cheeks.

I actually started this in late 2009, drawing the outline and getting the basics down but scrapping it at the last minute when packing for the A.T. began and life became hectic. Of course I ended up starting and finishing the drawing within the last month, another hectic time when I was yet again moving. It was something I really needed to get done but if I hadn’t of felt the crunch of a deadline (Eliana’s birthday last week) I would have mulled it over for longer. (I was scared to death of the eyes, let-me-tell-you. They worked out I think, though.)

In highschool you wouldn’t have caught me drawing with pencils. Painting and pastels were my thing, mixed media too. But now, I really love pencils and still love pastels. I love painting too, but there is something about shading with pencils.

I’m dreaming up my studio being put together so I can finally put some drawings to paper. I’m envisioning a line strewn across the wall with clips of paper hung to them of sketches and ideas.

Until then, I’ll keep planning drawings in my head.


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