Eggplant Parmesan Sandwiches

I can’t take credit for this recipe. Our field boss made these for us last spring at the Big Thicket project and ever since they have become a favorite. I didn’t grow up eating eggplant, in fact I only really ate it for the first time a few years ago. This is a very tasty […]

Scenes from a Monday

Went to DFW on Sunday and Monday to finish getting the rest of our stuff and to see the family. Here’s a small snapshot.. Zoe showing off her purse sent from Elizabeth’s mom. Really excited about the animal inside the purse, too! Goofing off with my dad, PawPaw, during his lunch break. Grayson tucked away […]

Harvest #1

The garden is coming into full swing. Soon we will be harvesting daily or at least every other day and putting food away for the winter. I’m very excited about this! The golden zucchini was half this size on Saturday evening. We had about 20 minutes to run by our plot and water and check […]


With books. The Hunger Games trilogy to be exact. Over the last week that’s what I’ve been reading. Of course I could read them all at once but other things have gotten in the way. Work for example. Went back to the field for a few days to the Big Thicket in Beaumont, so paired […]

Leo the Model

So I made these two baby hats for some coworkers out of scrap yarn I had in my stash. Always a good thing to find a way to use leftover yarn! Leo obliged me with some modeling… A nice profile view. Not sure about this mom! But really, I’m just a cute baby! Of course […]

A Week of Food

I think a few people, Katie specifically, who were interested in what we made for our dinners since we pre-plan right now. Here’s a sampling of our meals for the past week: We kicked off with homemade pizza last week. Chris used a dough recipe he found in a cookbook from the library, a recipe […]

Early September in the Garden

Chris spends most mornings at the plot watering and doing random chores. Right now we’re waiting on compost before starting more seeds in other beds. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on: Watermelon’s from a school’s plot. We took one of them but it was not quite ripe and very seedy. Chris hand pollinated a […]

Goodbye Summer

+Summer is gone. Well, not officially, the autumnal equinox is still a week or so away. But, the lighting is different, it gets dark earlier and light later. I don’t like the light later thing, rather I don’t like either one. I’d prefer if it got light at about 5:30am daily and got dark at […]

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