Harvest #1

The garden is coming into full swing. Soon we will be harvesting daily or at least every other day and putting food away for the winter. I’m very excited about this!

The golden zucchini was half this size on Saturday evening. We had about 20 minutes to run by our plot and water and check on things after four days doing field work and before heading to DFW for the weekend. We opted not to pick the squash because how could it have gotten much larger?

Apparently it could have gotten much larger! It’s ginormous! I love the flower bud still attached to the cucumber in this photo.


I tried to get Chris to pose with them since he’s the one taking care of them mostly and the one who picked them. Instead he made me model them for you. You can see I dug out my crochet tunic I made a few years ago to wear today. Good option! I need to wear my own clothes more often!

We cut up half the zucchini and used it in Randy’s pasta sans sausage and Chris forgot to get goat cheese or feta so it was cheese-less. But this was really good! The rest of the squash went into the freezer for use at a later date.

The cuke is being held until we get a few more so we can turn them into pickles. This pickle fiend is excited!

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  • chel

    Excellent! I am gearing up for gardening here in the fall. Cucumbers are all growing like crazy and the tomatoes are coming back and the eggplant just shot out about twenty new blossoms, which I pollinated. I have to repot a zillion things but I don’t care because everything is not withering and closing in on itself from the heat and unrelenting sun! It’s fall in Florida, yippee!!

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