Garden Update | Common Ground Community Garden

A week or so ago we went home to gather the majority of the last items lingering at our parent’s houses. Chris and I popped in my mom and brother’s community garden to see how things were going and growing. This garden is very different from the one we are participating in at our new location mostly because there are actually full beds and members that are active in growing things. At the garden we are at, other than a school group we are the only private beds. Chris has been planting in the other empty beds in order to fill the garden up, harvest extra things and to share with the food bank next door. I only wish our garden was as active at the one my mom and brother participate in! Perhaps we can encourage others to grow their own beds eventually. Not sure how to go about that, though!

Anyway, here’s some of what was growing:








Tomorrow I’ll have a post on our garden and later this week one on making pickles!

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