A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog when they mentioned Taproot Magazine, a new publication partly founded by Soule Mama. I used to read her blog often but haven’t much in the last few years so I went to the magazine’s website and to her website to read more about it. Instantly I was enamored and I had to have it. So I subscribed as a founding subscriber for a discounted rate and between doing that and reading more blogs with photos of the magazine, I’ve been wondering where mine was.

Well, yesterday I opened the mailbox at lunch to see it sitting there. I was so happy but disappointed because I was returning to work and couldn’t take my time savoring it. I was finally able to read it last night, going to bed early to slowly read the articles.

If you like gardening, farming, hand crafting, and the simple life, this magazine is for you. I know it seems pricey for a magazine published four times a year, but it is jam packed with great writing and photographs and the only advertising was a pull out pamphlet for Nova Naturals, but other than that not an inkling of advertising.

I’ve already checked out their submission guidelines and I would like to try my hand at submitting something in the coming months.

The peas are from our garden, harvested yesterday evening. They are doing great but our heavy rain on Tuesday bent a few of the sugar snaps so I had to tie them to the trellis. I’m holding off on cooking these until Chris gets here for a three day weekend, tomorrow.

Happy, happy!

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