Old Florida Haunts

I’ve been missing Florida lately. Likely a combination of returning to writing my Florida Trail thru-hike book and that winter has come. Winter is the best time in Florida.

This was one of our favorite haunts in the Keys, near the Ohio Missouri channel. We often went here and snorkeled; lots of good ocean creatures hanging out in this area, plus you never knew what kind of interesting things would wash up here.

Orchids! Many times when we didn’t have anything planned on the weekend we’d just take a drive down to The Redlands and go orchid and plant browsing/buying. I think this was at Banjong Orchids near Krome Ave and SW 216th St. I could totally go for a few of those vanda’s hanging there. *sigh*


Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. This state park is in the center of the state and really only visited by the die-hard wintering snowbirds and true Florida addicts. It is remote, peaceful, and beautiful.


fakahatchee strand February 267

Fakahatchee 11-17-07 Alba Clamshell 086

Oh, good ol’ Fakahatchee Strand. Such a mystical, magical place. I miss those ruddy daggerwing butterflies; they are a standard in the swamp.



The ever enticing and vast Big Cypress National Preserve.

10 25 09_0577

Glowing Pine Lily

And the lovely and seemingly never ending Jonathan Dickinson State Park. This park goes on and on and on, with most visitors staying well within the front country. The Ocean to Lake segment of the Florida Trail runs through this park.

So many wonderful places and so many I left out. I was glad we were able to see some of the northern sections of Florida on our thru-hike but there was still so much we didn’t get to see during our 8 years in Florida.

Been to Florida or lived in Florida? What’s your favorite haunt?


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