Christmas is so much more fun now that there are kids around. It is complete mayhem too! My nephew looks like my dad here quite a bit, particularly in the hair department (sorry dad!).

Zoe loves Kylie (original name Colley, Zoe named her. Short story: Sugar and Spice are Kylie’s parents. Sugar and Spice are brother and sister. They weren’t fixed yet. They bred. Had babies. My brother and SIL didn’t need more kittens so my mom adopted Kylie after Red died in June. Mom didn’t like the name Colley so she renamed her Kylie. Kylie has a brother Nathan who is still at the other house. End story) but Kylie does not like Zoe, or really anyone other than my mom and dad. She was nicer when she was a kitten. We’re nicknaming her Leo-ette because she acts just like my cat Leo.


Poor Isabelle hung in for her 11th birthday (the day after Christmas) but she won’t be around much longer. 🙁



Dude scored two rocking horses this year, one from his Uncle Chris and Aunt T and another from his other grandparents, Nana and Poppy. I think he’s going to love them!

Cue Galleywinter….

But now we’re going to cue Rollin’ with my homies…he just uses the bottle as his pacifier taking swigs when he feels like it.

Mom was glad to get her own ipad!

Zoe never fails to entertain with some kind of facial expression! I think she’s shooting Uncle Chris this one.

The karaoke toy will be good for her…she just burst out into whatever song she had in her head!

A survey of the damage…this is cleaned up a bit too.

Good Christmas Eve…the next day we had the snow!

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