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Grey Days

Yellow bird magnolia buds….these are going to be gorgeous!

Winter thyme and a bunch of other seeds

We had a sulphur and a moth hanging around during the cold days, not moving for a long time.

Definitely alive, just chilling until it was warm enough to fly.

One of the last weekends that Chris worked in Beaumont, we went to a plant nursery outside of Beaumont on Tx 105. I’ll have to dig up the name of the place, but we walked around the whole nursery wanting a lot of things but not putting anything on our list of things to buy until we walked in the main store area and found a box of bulbs. We were told we could have a couple and after I walked around holding them I studied them trying to figure out what they were and I decided they were Lycoris. We talked the guys into letting us buy the box of 40 or 50 bulbs for $15….a really good deal. They had showed up at the shop after a local woman brought them in after her husband died.

Garlic is finally coming up!

Following us around the yard.

Our citrus are getting their flower buds! Mmmm, delicious!

The days are grey, typical of our winter. It took awhile for it to happen but finally in mid-December the rainy, cloudy days started happening. At least we’ve been getting a bit of rain, something we really need.


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