Bats and a Mantis

For months and months we had a single bat holed up in one of our bat boxes. Then sometime in December a few friends joined in. Chris noted at one point that there may have been seven or so in there at one point. The numbers are fluctuating at the moment, down to a couple, up a few. I guess the bats are coming in when they migrate through.

This makes us hopeful for a good population of bats using the house this summer. Just the other day a juvenile woodpecker—we weren’t able to identify it yet—attempted to make the bat house its home too. Or maybe the wood looked inviting for a snack?

Today Chris had me come into his man-cave, currently the home of our seed starting set up, to check out a praying mantis that had made it inside.

I told Chris he should set it free but apparently the mantis was feasting on the fruit fries that were hatching from the moist soil. Sounds like a good set up for now!

There’s not a whole lot going on here at the moment. We basically finished renovating the laundry room last weekend and if all goes well this weekend weather-wise, we’ll put a big dent on finishing up the penny porch.

More soon, folks. In the meantime I wrote on Sprout Dispatch on Monday and you can check that post out.


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