Eagles & Snakes

Last weekend we were working on our penny porch (more on that soon!) when a bird flew by the edge of the pond and made a distinct call. Without looking up Chris said it was an eagle. The bird landed within view in a tree on our neighbor’s property and I went inside to get my camera. My photos aren’t good, they are more like ‘proof’ photos. The eagle is real!

We hopped in the canoe to see about paddling closer to the tree they were on, however I couldn’t find them despite Chris continuing to tell me ‘There they are!’ This meant that my photos turned out pretty crappy, but this is the best one, a cropped shot of the next photo. It’s an eagle, that’s for sure!


But! There were two! Since Chris was actually looking at them instead of through a lens he was able to tell that one was a juvenile. Awesome! Now we just wonder where their nest is located.

That same afternoon Chris found a garter snake under our carport. Now, every time I’ve seen a snake over there it has already been attacked by the cats. I suspect that one of them brought this one over but never got a chance to attack it. Luckily Chris saw it and we were able to rescue it, taking it down to the pond.




Being that it is winter I wasn’t expecting to see yet another snake yesterday after disembarking from the canoe.

We had gone for a paddle and had just returned. My foot was right near where this fella was coiled up and so I told Chris to move the canoe down a little to pull it onto shore.

It was a tiny thing, not sure if this was full grown or a juvenile of a larger species. Not wanting to disturb it, Chris didn’t attempt to flip it over. It was quite content being coiled up as the air was a bit chilly towards evening.

Other than that, we’ve got a ton of bluebirds, woodpeckers (downy, pileated, red bellied), cardinals, and little brown jobbers around here. I think they are getting just as sick of the bi-polar weather going around. Freezing one day, 70s the next. I’m done with winter, y’all. Done!

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