On The Potting Bench


The potting bench is a little crowded these days, and I still need to start some more seeds! We have a flat of these jack-in-the-pulpits as well as more in larger containers. Last spring Chris ordered a bunch of the bulbs and they didn’t come up. The dirt ended up being dumped in a big container with other soil and lo and behold they sprouted this spring! I think it’s time we get these in the ground, though.


I started bottle gourd seeds to grow along the vegetable garden fence this summer, along with luffa seeds. I’m imagining a lush fence with vines covered in blooms! I can’t wait!

Sweet basil

Russican tarragon

Purple Petra Basil

Pink Sunday Sage

Virginia salt-marsh mallow


Broad leaf sage

Bird pepper

And there’s more seeds I want to start, too. Herbs, flowers, veggies…I love seed starting season!

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  • debie grace

    Too many plants! This is very exciting 🙂 Also, this inspires me to re-try planting again. I am so bad at gardening but posts such as this never fails to make me try more! 🙂

  • Shirley

    So many special plants you have started from seed. I don’t plant a lot from see but this might just inspire me! Our neighbor introduced us to Culantro a few years ago and it is one of the few things we grow from seed. He mixes it with mint for a pesto.

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