Purple Hyacinth Bean Happiness

Purple hyacinth bean

Purple hyacinth bean

Purple hyacinth bean

Purple hyacinth bean

I couldn’t tell you the last time I grew purple hyacinth bean, Lablab purpureus. Ok, so a quick search through my archives suggests it may have been back in 2013, and wow what a different scenario the garden is now compared to then. I decided to grow this continental African native this year on its own trellis in one of my beds, primarily after my cucumbers failed to thrive earlier this summer. It was such an easy replacement and the beans grew very well, tolerating the drought conditions happily. I wasn’t sure if they would bloom in the constant heat but alas, they have rewarded my patience! A certain delight for these dry and hot times as we enter into August. Do we dare hope for a gentle tropical system to alleviate some of the cracked earth pain? Or is that going too far? Until then, I’ll savor the blooms and just hope for a casual afternoon thunderstorm to drop an inch or two of rain each week for the next month. (Yes, I’m asking too much.)


  • shoreacres

    My preferred term is “rain without a name.” We dont’ want to tempt fate. I did wake to rain this morning, and it’s still drizzling. I looked at the maps and was astonished to see that the Anahuac refuge has received 3.5″. The birds, especially, are no doubt rejoicing.

  • Tina

    A beautiful vine that I’ve admired, but never grown. I was thinking about planting one in my now-sun front garden, but not sure I have room for a trellis. It’s still on the back garden burner, though. Lovely photos!

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