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Poking Around the Pedernales River


After we took a bushwhacking trail down the side of the ‘mountain’ from the Twin Rivers Nature Trail, we found ourselves walking adjacent to the Pedernales River. We walked along a wide ATV trail before Chris found himself a spot to fish for a few minutes. Again, I took the time to find little scenes to photograph and hoped that Forest wouldn’t protest hanging out in his backpack for a few minutes.



I hung out for a bit with some ants walking up and down the base of a cypress tree and managed to get a few decent photos.



I love this photo of Forest as he scans the sky for birds.


And then as he’s mesmerized into daydreaming by the water.



As full as the campground was, there weren’t a lot of people down at this section of the river. This section is part of the designated swimming area but the weekend was a little chilly for any swimming and wading. I’d packed bathing suits for Forest and me just in case.




I took Forest out of his pack a couple of times for him to explore the shoreline, to play in the sand and bang smaller rocks on the large rocks that dotted the edge of the water. He was thoroughly entertained enough for Chris to get a few more casts out into the water before we needed to move on to keep the toddler happy. Our walk down the river put us in a predicament: retrace our steps back the way we came to the car or take the short swimming area trail up to the parking lot and walk another road back and cut through back to the campground using the Warfle’s Trail. We opted for the latter which put us back at our campsite and had Chris hoofing it down to the Twin Falls Nature Trail trailhead to get the truck.


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