Life Lately | Late July 2016

Today’s photo is brought to you by the Turner River in Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park, circa 2008. +In My Head Let’s go with some random bulleted thoughts…. I think the story of my life is being emotionally connected to time passing. Speaking of time, I have a post to write that […]

What’s Growing in the Vegetable Garden

We’ve reached that point in the season where not much is being productive in the vegetable garden but the peppers and cucumbers, and even the cucumbers are worn out and fading. Most plants out there are just putting on growth and holding on for slightly cooler temperatures to start producing flowers for reproduction. These are […]

The Compost Gourd

It is pretty common for random plants, including weeds of course, to sprout in our compost. Tomatoes, melons, potatoes, we’ve seen all sorts of things sprouting. This year a gourd sprouted in the right compost bin, the side that we’re currently not resupplying and are using in the garden when we need compost. The vine […]

The Long View of the Garden

I’ve been missing the gym this summer, the working out. My body feels it too. But while I’ve forgone building muscle and cardio I have really enjoyed my lunch hours in the garden. It’s a workout, in a way. Mostly it is a method of losing water weight via sweat because sometimes I am not […]

Rehoming Monarch Caterpillars

Several years ago when I got on Twitter there was a chat called #seedchat that I would pop onto most Wednesdays. That chat is now dormant but I ended up ‘meeting’ a lot of great gardeners through that chat. One of those was BMT 108. I’m keeping her real name on the downlow because of […]

Mulching the Vegetable Garden

About a week ago I was finally able to say I was ‘done’ weeding the paths in the vegetable garden, except for a tough spot of Bermuda grass near the gate entrance. I had Chris get mulch one morning and I was able to mulch most of the paths. I didn’t have quite enough to […]

Sunday Reads & Listens

Happy Sunday! Reads: ‘Monarch Promise’ variegated milkweed. I need this! Baltimore Jack’s obituary from the Applachian Trail Conservancy. No more war in the garden from You Grow Girl. The Quiet Extinction: Stories of North America’s Rare and Threatened Plants a book about the loss of plant species on this continent. While some plants may have […]

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