Sea Turtles at Packery Channel












The second afternoon of our vacation we popped down to the Packery Channel jetties to walk along them (they have a sidewalk on top) and to look for sea turtles as we had done six years ago when it was just Chris and me. We were looking to kill a little time before dinner and it was very hot walking along the jetties in the late afternoon sunshine. It didn’t take long for us to find a sea turtle and then we continued to find them all along the jetties, inside Packery Channel and along the beach. Forest was in his stroller for the ride so I don’t know how much he saw and I only had my 100mm lens. I had meant to pack the 75-300mm lens and thought that’s what the 100mm was when I had glanced in my camera bag but was obviously disappointed when I reached in and grabbed it. It wasn’t a complete fail at least, I was able to get some decent photos.

These are all green sea turtles that were looking for crustaceans along the rocks in the jetties.

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