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My cousin Elizabeth used to do Sunday Morning Coffee posts (bring them back, Elizabeth!) and I used to do variations of something called ‘Sunday Reads and Listens’ but that just seems too long and cumbersome so in a nod to Elizabeth I’m changing it to Sunday Sips–a few things for you to read, watch, or listen to on your Sunday morning or afternoon.


+Nanette on Netflix. When it came out back in the summer I saw several people and news stories talking about Hannah Gadsby’s stand-up act but I didn’t have a chance to watch it until last week. It is thought provoking while also funny because: comedy, but I’d venture to say it is more of a very long TED talk where you get a mirror held up to you. Everyone should watch this.
+The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Netflix. Based on the book, which I haven’t read, however I really enjoyed the movie. I think I’ve mentioned this before in regards to some of the books I’ve read taking place during WWII but we Americans really get a glossing over of WWI and WWII in school with a really big “GO AMERICA!” slant. So many facets to those wars that we don’t learn about and this movie taught me a bit more, too.
+Heritage Minutes: Lucy Maud Montgomery, this is a beautiful one minute montage of LMM with bits of Anne Shirley mixed in, about LMM’s writing life, her life with depression, and life living in Canada. It is something I wish would be turned into a full length movie about LMM’s life.
+I’m catching up on Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel. Season 4 started in August and I’m about 3 episodes in. Just haven’t had the time to watch since it is on the tv and not on a computer so I can’t easily watch when Forest is around due to the violence. It’s starting to get more into BB territory but not quite there.
+And in August I binged the last three seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. I quit watching after McDreamy died because I felt the show as done then but my mom convinced me to pick it back up because it was still really good in her opinion. I was feeling the urge to watch something so I went for it. Not sure I will add it back to my fall line up or just watch it when the next season comes back on to Netflix. I kind of like watching something in one batch so I don’t have to dedicate a ton of time each week to watching something. We’ll see.

The Plant Hunter: An online magazine based out of Australia about plants and gardening. Just came across this recently and love it!
Butterflies in the Storm via bioGraphic about endangered butterflies in the Florida Keys in relation to Hurricane Irma.

I’m loving newsletters these days. It’s like a mini-blog post in my email. A lot of them come through at the end of the week which make them lovely to read when you need a pick-me-up towards the end of a busy week. Some are monthly. Here’s a few that I really enjoy
+The Ann Friendman weekly: Ann is a writer, journalist, and one half of the duo who runs the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. Being as Ann is a journalist she has her tabs on all things news worthy so if you can’t keep up with the politics of the moment you can get a good round-up at the end of the week with her newsletter. Highly recommend this one.
+Pantsuit Politics Newsletter: Another newsletter to keep tabs on politics without having to bury your head in the news.
+Austin Kleon newsletter. Austin shares tidbits from his blog, books, or other artsy or current events through this blog.
+Kim Werker Weekly Digest newsletter. Kim is a knitter, crocheter, crafter, and writer and shares interesting things going on in the craft world on her blog as well as things she’s been reading by herself and with her son.
+She Explores newsletter. A spinoff of the podcast, this newsletter brings you stories from the outdoor world that involve women. I actually have a hard time listening to the podcast because it is so heavily edited, I pick and choose what i listen to, but I do enjoy the newsletter.
+Susannah Conway Love Letters. I used to read Susannah’s blog back in the day but kind of fell off from reading it after awhile. However, I really enjoy her lovely newsletters. I should probably check in on her blog sometime.
+Girls Gone WOD Podcast Newsletter. This is a Crossfit/fitness podcast that I’ve started listening to more often. They have a great round-up of links or stories in their monthly newsletter.
+Cultivating Place Newsletter. This is probably one of my favorite podcasts that is actually a radio show based out of northern California. Jennifer writers a lovely monthly newsletter about gardening or natural history that makes you want to read a book by her—which we will in due time because she’s wrapping one up for Timber Press!

That’s just a few of the newsletters—do you subscribe to any? Do share!

+Slow Burn podcast: I listened to last year’s Nixon series which was fascinating because I only knew the cursory background and didn’t live through that time period. This year they are going through the Clinton scandal which is equally fascinating because I was alive for all of that but in a period of time where I wasn’t really interested in politics and didn’t really understand all of the facets to the story. The most recent episode with with Linda Tripp which will have you wanting to rage-throw things because that woman knew no boundaries and put herself into a situation she should never have done so all because of her personal political and moral inclinations. It’s a very interesting series if you want to know reflect on how that situation influenced more recent political moments.
+The Wilderness podcast: This is series produced by the Pod Save America dudes about the history of the Democratic party. Pretty fascinating stuff. The last couple of episodes have been a little less interesting but I’m enjoying learning more about the history of the party, the good and bad, in podcast form.

Those are just two off the top of my head, I know I’ve saved single episodes recently but I can’t access those at the moment. Anything you are listening to?

Please share anything you’ve read, listened to, or watched recently! I’d love to know!


  • Danielle

    Loved that bioGraphic about butterflies in the Keys. Have you read The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson? It’s the true, bizarre story of a young guy who stole feathers from a British museum. It also explores the modern underworld of fishing fly tiers obsessed with endangered bird feathers, the Victorian obsession with exotic feathers, and goes all the way back to Alfred Russel Wallace collecting bird specimens around the world in the 1800s. I had to keep referring to photos to as I read it to see what these birds looked like. It’s the best book I’ve read in a while.

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