Zoe & Grayson Tree Updates

Right after we moved into our house we planted trees for our niece and nephew, Zoe & Grayson. I’ve taken photos with them over the years though we hadn’t done one in a while so when everyone was here for Memorial Day weekend I had them go out and take photos. They are growing up so fast—the trees and the kids!

Zoe’s tree, a loblolly pine, planted March 9, 2013. She was 4.5 here!

May 24, 2014, 5.5

May 26, 2019 at 10.5! You can also see our new house paint on the back of the man-cave in this photo. I know, I need to update on that soon.

Grayson’s tree is a bur oak. Here he is November 17, 2013 at a little over 2 years old.

May 24, 2014 at 2.5

May 26, 2019 at age 7.5!

Zoe is heading for sixth grade and middle school this coming year and Grayson is going to third grade! Time flies! My own kiddo will be 5 soon and thank goodness he gets one more year before heading to kindergarten.


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