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Echinacea purpurea | Flower Friday




Every time I see coneflowers I am drawn to them. They are one of the long-standing bloomers in a garden and are tough plants and yet I cannot grow them at home unless they are inside our edible garden. You see, the deer love them, too. When we moved in to the house my mom divided some of hers to give to me and now those plants are long gone. I think we may have tried once or twice more before finally giving up on our chances of growing coneflowers out in the open. I am finally growing some inside the edible garden and they delight me every time I go in there.

These particular flowers were growing in the pollinator garden at Pedernales Falls State Park, between the two bird blinds. The garden is one of those quintessential Hill Country type gardens, with raised beds perimetered with stone. Inside the beds are plantings of a variety of tough, drought tolerant native perennials. Sometimes you’ll find well-behaved and climate adapted non-natives in one of these pollinator gardens.

Happy Friday, friends!


  • shoreacres

    Like you, I love the coneflowers. Do the deer eat the native species, too? When I was up in the Big Thicket a couple of months ago, I was surprised to see coneflowers growing wild for the first time (in Texas–I’d seen them in Kansas). I think the species might have been Echinacea sanguinea. In any event, I saw deer in the area, too. Maybe they were munching away, and what I saw were the leftovers!

  • Moosie

    Well you know I love them!!! Purple/pink, yellow & white are the most prolific ones I have. But I have two others that I can’t get to multiply.

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