Friday Five,  Memes

Friday Five | Isolation Things

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a Friday Five, so here are five good things for your Friday!

+The Wild Wander show on YouTube—primarily based in north Florida, the episodes are only a few minutes long, though this last one was about 15 minutes. All of them share some kind of interesting natural history feature about north Florida. It’s a show you could find on NatGeo or Animal Planet!

Easter weekend has zoomed on by but we had a great weekend at home for Easter. In fact, our first Easter at home! We’ve either gone to my parents or camping for Easter since Forest was born so this was a nice change! And of course lots of egg hunting in the backyard!

Like just about everyone else, I’ve been doing quarantine baking. I made pretzels which I will be replicating again here soon because they were so good!

And of course bread! This last loaf has been my favorite!

And these Chocolate Banana Bread muffins—they are so good! Highly recommend as I’ve made them twice now! (I turn mine into muffins as they bake shorter, about 17-20 minutes).

+A loose tooth that finally fell out! The tooth fairy’s first visit! This thing had been loose since January and hanging by a thread for about a week before it came out. He was eating Doritos and bam, his tooth fell out!
(The video takes a second to load…)

+And this post from Julie Zickefoose about an injured skunk in her yard. Adorable! And probably stinky, too!

Happy May!


Leo is 16 today!

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