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A Bit of Wildlife from the Texas Hill Country

While I get things together to write blog posts, here are some videos to entertain you!

First, Chris put together this video from the trail cameras. Lots of great animals to see and some LOLs at the 7 minute mark from some pigs!

Some strong Texas leaf cutter ants at Guadalupe River State Park (Bauer Unit)

Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly
The western pygmy blue butterfly nectaring! I should have taken a longer video and taken it landscape but I was in get-what-I-can-get mode before it flew off.

Some moving water scenes along the Guadalupe River on the Bauer Unit.

And more moving water scenes from the Bauer Unit—this would be an excellent swimming hole in July—just gotta hike in 2 miles to get there! Or paddle upstream from the main part of the park further east.

And a parting shot of the river at the Bauer Unit.

Until next time…!

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  • shoreacres

    I saw leaf-cutter ants for the first time at Attwater. Holy Moses, those are some fierce-looking things. With those mandibles, it’s no wonder they can take a plant down overnight.

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