Miss Kylen

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of someone other than my niece for a long time. Not that anything is wrong with taking her photos, but I need to practice on someone else! My opportunity was with one of my bff’s, Michelle and her daughter Kylen. Today I finally got my chance and even though […]

A Few more of the Zoester

It’s funny, only a few weeks later and she’s already changing. Mom and I were remarking her face is changing again and her attitude is different. She’s also happier to go to her little girl potty for a tinkle than she used to be. My brother was cooking up lunch or something when I was […]

Ballooning above Plano

Chris’ mom got us a ride on a hot air balloon on Friday morning for the Plano Balloon Fest. I was leery of going because of some previous accidents in which I was thrown out of some boats and some really bumpy airplane rides, but the ride was pretty smooth. We didn’t go far or […]

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I was on my Flickr account the other day when I stumbled across this photo tucked into our gardening section. Ah, it makes me miss all of my plants. That is a variegated vanilla orchid and one of our favorite plants. We had several types of vanilla and because of Chris’ super awesome watering system […]

Local Coffee: Roots Coffeehouse-NRH

Mom told me about Roots Coffeehouse a few days ago so I went the other day while doing some errands. It is located in the North Richland Hills town center on Grapevine Highway across the northeast campus of Tarrant County College. They even have a blog Blog! If you read this Roots, you should update […]

Texas Roadtrip: Caprock Canyon State Park

Our first stop on our road trip was out to Caprock Canyon State Park. We took U.S. 287 from Fort Worth out past Mineral Wells Wichita Falls, a town I’d never been too and I was surprised that it was a decent sized city, and on into the rugged, western setting of Texas. We thought […]

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