MS = Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve It

Meet one of my best friends Michelle. We go back to some point in time during the summer of 1998 while cruising in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Then we went to college together for a couple of years, weathered some weird patches, and now she’s married with a nearly three year old […]

Spring Link Roundup

Things are starting to flush out in green here and a few things are blooming. However, it is very dry here and we need some rain to get more spring wildflowers growing here in Texas. Flower photos to come! First up, I added a widget that allows you to bookmark a blog posting in a […]


I went by the plot today to check on how things were going. The last we’d seen were that the carrots were up and the potatoes were thriving. This is the shed where anyone in the garden can use tools and organic fertilizers and pesticides. It is super organized with printed recipes for making the […]

Wildscape Portraits: Portfolio Building Sessions

Give me a call or drop me an email. We can shoot on location at your home, garden or natural area of your choice. I shoot in natural light with on-camera flash so please consider lighting when choosing a location. I’ve got some ideas for locations if you are stumped on places to go. Pricing […]

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