The Green Mountains

Ah, taking another nearo here in Manchester, Vermont. We went so many weeks without doing anything, mostly because through NJ-MA there weren’t any good places to stop. Everything gets expensive and hostels are few and far between. Last week we stayed at Tom Levardi’s house in Dalton, MA. It’s this guy who has a house […]

Best of 501 to 1012.8

Alright, finally some time to do the best of #2! This is from Mile 501 on Pine Mtn to Harpers Ferry. Best View: -Chestnut Knob Shelter, Va: 561.8, elevation 4,409 -Rice Field Shelter, Va: 633.2, 3,375 -McAfee Knob: 703.0, 3,197 -Cold Mtn: 802.7, 4,022 -Rock Spring Hut, Shenandoah: 917.7, 3465 -Crescent Rock, WVa: 996.9, 1,312 […]

Inch by Inch, Rock by Rock…

Slowly, slowly are are making our way up the eastern seaboard. We’ve arrived in upper Mass. and are taking our first full trail zero since Damascus, Virginia, which is well over 1,000 miles south of here. That is if you don’t count our five days at home. We’ve been experts at taking nearo’s and half […]

New England

Yesterday we finally made it to New England, but my southern mind already thought I was there the minute we crossed the Mason/Dixon line and into PA. Apparently no one else thinks that PA, NJ and NY are in New England…oh well. We are officially in Connecticut and in a few short days, Massachusetts. I […]

Thoughts on Half Way

We officially passed halfway on Saturday morning. It was exciting to see the sign and we let out some whoops and yells. Pretty much everyone you talk to feels like we’ve already done way more, but of course you look at the map and there is a long way still to go. But, we’re doing […]

Harpers Ferry

Our friends Meghan and Jesse came into town to see us yesterday. We had an awesome afternoon wandering around Harpers Ferry and eating lots of food. I wish we could have spent more time with them. Thanks you so much for lunch and for taking the time to come out and see us! I hope […]

What I think about

We got back on the trail on Tuesday afternoon and it is now Saturday and we’re in town. What I’ve thought about most of the time during the past five days has been my family and especially Zoe and Ashleigh. Every day I would think back to what went on a week ago and what […]

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